Julian Tan Heart Specialist Clinic, Top Cardiologist Singapore

Julian Tan Heart Specialist Clinic is a private cardiology practice located in Singapore. Founded by cardiologist expert with the vision to provide personalized & holistic heart health care. Visit http://juliantanheartspecialistclinic.pen.io/ to learn more.

There are different types of cardiologists.

Interventional Cardiologist. An interventional cardiologist like Dr Julian Tan, deals in more advanced types of heart treatments compared to non-invasive and invasive cardiologists. Their job involves performing procedures such as opening blocked vessels and arteries, placing stents into arteries and performing angioplasties.

Non-interventional or Invasive Cardiologists. Their work is normally limited to cardiac labs. They work on determining the causes and reasons behind a certain heart condition. They perform characterization and diagnostics on various cardiac diseases. They basically diagnose a problem and then refer the patient to the concerned specialist.

Non-Invasive Cardiologists. As the name suggests, non-invasive cardiologists are engaged in office-based jobs. Their job is to see patients and help them prevent potential heart diseases or manage existing ones. Based on a patient’s history and diagnosis they prescribe dietary changes or drug-based therapy.


This branch of cardiology looks at the electrical impulses of the heart the purpose of which is to regulate one’s heartbeats. They perform procedures to treat heart problems such as arrhythmia. These days there are many heart specialist clinics. They have teams of experienced cardiologists who are dedicated to providing the very best healthcare to all their patients.

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